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Picture Rocks Retreat Center in Tucson, AZ

I have extensive experience as a retreat leader and teacher.  Some of my recent offerings are listed below as examples of my areas of interest.  I welcome invitations to teach or to lead retreats and enjoy working with organizations to develop compelling subjects for their communities. 

contact me for more information or to engage me for courses or retreats such as these for your community or organization.


Exploring Our Soul
Texts and images from the Jewish tradition about the nature of our soul.  Two days.

Elul:  Preparing for the High Holy Days
A variety of one or two day retreats focused on themes of the High Holy Days.

Renew and Share:  A Retreat for Spiritual Directors
A spacious blend of silence, prayer, leisure time, and sharing with other Spiritual Directors.  Two days.

"Wisdom is better than jewels" (Prov 8:11)
An interfaith retreat exploring wisdom in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, and where it is found in our own lives.


Meditation as Prayer
An interfaith introduction to various forms of meditation (breath, mindfulness, lectio divina and Centering Prayer) and the way these meditations can be used as prayer.  Six sessions.

Who Was King David?
An in-depth reading of I and II Samuel along with various commentaries and historical perspectives.  Six sessions.

Body and Soul
Cultivating spirituality while facing the physical and emotional challenges of aging. Four sessions.

Ketuvim -- the Writings
An exploration of the books in Ketuvim, the third section of the Hebrew scriptures.  Eight sessions.