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My life and my work as a rabbi are inspired by a saying of Hillel (a first century CE rabbi): "Be like the disciples of Aaron: loving peace and pursuing peace, loving your fellow creatures and bringing them close to the Torah."


There are many ways to love peace and pursue peace.  My way is through personal and interpersonal relationships, seeking to help people find peace both within themselves and in relationships with others.  This desire has led me to teaching meditation and becoming a Spiritual Director.  Both of these practices cultivate inner tranquility and can be a great support during turbulent times.


“Loving your fellow creatures” leads me to an openness to all seekers.  While my roots are firmly established in Judaism, I participate in a variety of other religious services and practices such as sitting at the Zen center and teaching in Christian settings.  I am open to performing interfaith weddings and same gender weddings and commitment ceremonies. I also welcome members of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans) community in all areas of my work.


When Hillel speaks of bringing people close to the Torah, he probably meant “Torah” as all of Jewish wisdom and ritual.  For me, bringing people close to Torah means helping each of us see that being a human being is a gift and a privilege, and that our lives are vastly richer when we connect with our own deepest values and with the transcendent Source of all life.


I am passionate about helping people in their spiritual quest, whether they are Jewish or not.  I also believe in the transforming power of ritual and the empowerment that comes with learning.  If my vision and my commitment speak to you, I invite you to contact me.

Weddings & Life Cycle


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The drawing in the upper left corner signifies "roots above," a Kabbalistic image of the connection between the world above and the world below.  We are nourished from the Divine roots above.  The leaves--the world as we experience it--in turn provide nourishment to the roots in a never-ending cycle of renewal and abundance.